Why was this course created?

This course is designed to give
non-technical professionals essential online business skills.  Most importantly the course was
developed to ensure professionals have the required skills to manages their organization’s digital
presence. In addition, to build the  technical literacy required to hire and communicate with
vendors when advanced or external technical help is needed.

What should you expect from the course?

  • An introduction to the most important online marketing platforms and tools.

    • Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization
    • Social Media including Facebook
    • Email Marketing
    • Website Creation and Management
    • Creating and measuring the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns.
  • To learn the value of each platform, how to use that platform and how to it fits into
    your overall digital marketing presence.

Who should take this course?

The course is targeted at
non-technical professionals, like entrepreneurs, administrators or traditional marketers who want
to develop a foundation of skills and knowledge in online marketing.

Who is the teacher?

This course is created and facilitated by
Glenn Walker, a 15 year veteran of the digital marketing space, who has worked with hundreds of
businesses, creating and managing online marketing campaigns engaging millions of users and
millions of dollars in digital marketing advertising spend.

How is this course delivered?

This course consists of 25 hours
of live online group training. The course consists of 10 weekly 2.5 hours group training sessions.
Each weekly session includes interactive webinar instruction, question and answer sessions and a
live instructor guided hands-on lab session.

What should you expect in each session?

Each session starts at
9:15am in the morning MST starting with a short round table of members sharing their issues,
questions about the last week and goals for the upcoming session.  Next is a 1 hour live
instructional session, after a short break we will undertake a short lab where together we will
build, setup or configure the tools discussed in each weeks lesson.

How much is this course?

The price is $2,097 plus GST per
trainee for the 10 week course. Also, this course may be eligible for the Canada-Alberta and
Canada-Saskatchewan job grants that cover up to ⅔ of the course’s cost. With the grant included
your cost could be as little as $70 per 2.5 hour session!

When does the course start

The next session starts  Spring 2020  – Classes run from 930am to 12 noon for 10 weeks.