About Us

Hello, nice to meet you. In the last 18 years of professional experience as a developer, marketer and project manager I have seen the same issue over and over. New online marketing channels, tactics and digital tools are added every day. How is anyone supposed to keep on top of the latest trends and actually do their job everyday? This is why Lead Out Digital exists. Because I could not find it in the answer myself. Whether it’s one of our courses or consulting services – I want to give you the tools and skill you need to build, manage and maximize your organizations digital proficiency.

Glenn Walker
President and Lead Consultant
Lead Out Digital


We believe learning together is better.

Learning should be fun, mastering a new skill makes you feel great and everyone has something to offer.

Get the help you need to accomplish your goals, share our skills and knowledge and even have a little fun in the process.

What’s in a name?

A lead out is a cycling term, sometimes spelled with two words and sometime as one.  Cycling is a sport which holds a special place in our hearts.  A lead out rider is the member of a cycling team who works hard in the last kilometers of a cycling race, breaking the wind, to deliver their team’s sprinter to the finish line. The lead out rider’s effort ensures the sprinter’s legs are fresh for the final sprint towards the finish line.

The lead out rider doesn’t get the glory but is widely respected and achieves a special sense of joy from his or her team’s victory. Our goal is to help you along the way towards your digital marketing goals – like a good lead out rider, your success is the goal and happy empowered clients is what drives us.